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If you've got telephone signs you don't see on this website, we'd love to add them to the gallery!

Here's what to do:

1) Using a digital camera, take a high-resolution photo of each sign (one at a time), looking straight ahead, against a light, solid-color background (wood paneling is ok but not a carpet or textured sofa). Try to capture the whole sign in the picture (don't cut off the edges) and take the photos with as much light as possible. If you use a flash, try to make sure that the glare from the flash doesnt white out the main parts of the sign.

2) Email your photos to dave @ Please note that if you have duplicates of signs already on the website we probably won't be able to add them because formatting them takes time, and the goal is to get as many different signs online as possible.
Thanks in advance, and hope you enjoy the sign gallery.