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Model: WE 302
Made by: Western Electric Co.
From: 1937-1958
Materials: zinc or plastic body
western electric model 302 antique rotary dial telephone

Photos courtesy Frank Franowsky

western electric model 302 antique telephone color selection brochure

WE302 color selection in 1949


The 302 was the Bell System's mainstay phone for two decades, and the first Western Electric phone not to require a subset. The 302 was designed by famous industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss (1904-1972), who also designed John Deere tractors, Hoover vacuum cleaners, and streamlined trains. The shell of the 302 was intended to be cast out of metal. However, in 1941, the critical war-time need for metal caused Western Electric to retool to make the 302 out of molded thermoplastic. The 302 was the first WE telephone containing all of its circuitry within the base and not requiring a separately mounted subset box for the ringer.


Plain black or colored plastic body. Many variations: see Paul F's 300 series page.


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